Beard Man’s Favorite BBQ Ribs!!

Need the dishes done, diapers changed, a back rub??? Always, right? Well, there are only two ways to persuade men to do what you want. And, the OTHER one is through food. Making ribs is a sure-fire way to get some help around the house.
So, I know that Jessica already posted her favorite BBQ rib recipe…but I have one for you too. These are Dan the Beard Man’s favorite ever, ever, ever! And, I’m so happy that I can make them for him. He always tells me he likes them more than Famous Dave’s, Ruby River’s, or any other ribs he has tried. Whoo! Love that. Granted, we use Famous Dave’s sauce but he likes how these ones have more meat than bone. The best part is, you can prepare these in literally 5 minutes…although, they cook for 4 hours.

All you need is some Famous Dave’s Rich & Sassy BBQ sauce and you have to get these ribs if you want them to be like mine…….Costco’s Pork Loin Back Ribs. They come in a 3 pack, so either invite your friends or just use what you want. We always invite people over…so, I make all 3. So, at Costco….they’re easy to find in the meat department. I always buy a couple packs and freeze one for another day. Oh, and you need tin foil.

Heat your oven to 300 degrees. So, just squirt your Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce all over the top, flip it over and squirt on the bottom.

Wrap it up in two layers of tin foil and place on a sheet pan. Place in a 300 degree oven for 4 hours. That’s all!
 Serve with baked potatoes, broccoli, whatever! Jessica’s baked beans or my homemade lemonade would be sooooo good with this too!…and the Raspberry Jell-o salad, yum!




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  1. That looks awesome! My hubby loves my ribs way better than any rib place too. Plus its way less expensive. I’ll try that sauce next time.

  2. WOW! SOOOOO much easier than the way i cook mine, and I’m SO gonna try it this way next time.

  3. Looks Awesome has it ever burned to the foil ?

  4. Nope, no sticking to the foil. I think all the meat juices and the BBQ sauce help so that it doesn’t.

    Thanks for coming by!

  5. says:

    I found your site from DealstoMeals and now I’m super addicted. I check back every day first thing when I get to work (shame on me) but I can’t get enough!

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