Family Night: Developing Home Skills

“Family Night is a designated night, once a week, where you sit down with your family…have a lesson, an activity, and a treat. It’s a great way to spend time together as a family and teach your children about the important things they don’t learn in school.”

 Family Night can be one of those things that is so easy to brush aside…thinking, “eh…we’ll do it next week”.  But, it’s also one of those things that when you make the effort for it to come together, it’s SO worth it!  It’s a perfect time to bond with the family, teach them important things, and have fun!  My kids love it and really gripe at me when I get lazy about it.

Anyway, I’m getting on the ball this week and THIS is what we’re going to do:

Throughout my days, I’m always coming up with SEVERAL things that I do for my kids that would be so easy for them to do without my help.  I just need to teach them.  And, wouldn’t it be so nice to have a few less things to do??  But, fighting for their attention can be exhausting and “eh…I’ll do it later.” (that’s right, I can be pretty darn lazy.)  So, I do waaaaay too much for them and they need to learn!  Hence, the theme of Family Night: Developing Home Skills.  And, no this is not Family Lecture Night…it still has to be fun.
Preparation:  Between you and the hubbie, come up with at least 3 things each that you can teach the kids to improve their home skills.  Gather all the supplies you might need to teach your 3 mini-classes, with a total of six.  I think its best to move to different locations for each class, keeps everyone awake and will make it easier.
~ Ideas for mini-classes ~
Folding laundry correctly (including towels and socks)
Cleaning a bathroom properly
Making basic meals (oatmeal, Ramen noodles, hot chocolate…things kids are always asking for!)
Sewing a button
Pulling weeds
Cleaning out the car
Turning on and off a movie (I can’t tell you how many time I have to go push “play” for movies :))
Do a load of laundry
Change a diaper :)
Change the oil in a car, Change a tire (older kids)
Empty the dishwasher
Tie shoes
Fix their own hair
Lesson:  Gather everyone together and discuss, as a group, why families need to work together.  Talk about how many things need to be done to run a household.  Discuss how the skills learned at home can help them when they are older.  Read the story of The Little Red Hen, discuss.  Explain that they are going to receive mini-classes from Mom and Dad and when they have completed them, they will have the skills they need to start doing these things on their own.  Start visiting each of the 6 stations around the house and teach them something new!
When they have completed their classes, come back to the family room and award each family member with a Graduation Certificate.  Have them sign the bottom, vowing that they will use their new skills and put more effort into helping out.  Hang it up!  If you’re feeling extra ambitious, present new chore assignments (to use their new skills) and assign a day of the week where each child has to help make dinner.
Activity/Treat:  Meet in the kitchen and teach them to make an easy meal for dinner!  Make it easy…say spaghetti, garlic bread, and corn.  For dessert, do ultra-easy root beer floats and call it a night (a GREAT night)!

Most of all, have fun!  It really isn’t a time to ruin your kid’s day and tell them how lazy and unhelpful they are.  Focus on being a family team and how they can improve their skills for the rest of their lives!  Down the road, do another family home evening…similar, but with different mini-classes.  Oh man, that root beer float is calling my name. It’s distracting me while I write this post!  I promise, I will have one in my hand before the end of the day.

Visit this link for more Family Night ideas!


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  6. This is a great idea. While we have lessons during Family Night – about various topics, both practical and spiritual – I’ve never really thought to make it into a class. Fantastic!

  7. Dreena Tischler says:

    I just happened across this post and have to tell you — I can’t wait to try it!!  Thanks for the brilliant idea!

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