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My little boy Sawyer’s birthday was a month ago, and I’ve been meaning to tell you some of the great gifts he received and some things I would have liked to have gotten him. Two year olds are easy. They love anything and everything. Sawyer would be happy to play with a hammer, pots and pans, hairbrushes and mommy’s shoes. Here are some of the things I love for gifts for two year old boys.*Love those brown eyes…..

Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Boy:

Sawyer and Halle love playing with this and it’s a favorite when friends come over. It’s an “easy to share” toy, can be for indoors or outdoors, and they love bringing blankets and snacks in. I can’t wait for summer to have slumber parties! Discovery Kids Play Tent on Amazon for $22.
He loves to play in the water… bath water, water from the hose outside, toilet water, water in the dog bowl you name it!! The Step 2 Water Wheel Activity Table is perfect to keep him occupied outside for hours. Amazon $35.

The Little Tykes Basketball Set. Amazon $35. This is one of Sawyer’s favorite toys. Give him a ball (any ball- basketball, football, baseball or tennis ball) and he will shoot forever. It is adjustable to height and accuracy too. He loves it when we all cheer him on while he’s doing it!

Halle has her Leapster Game, but it’s too old for Sawyer, so we got him the Leap Frog Text and Learn. It’s great in the car, at the grocery store, wherever. He feels like a big boy “texting”. It’s a reasonable price too- $19 Amazon.

Every little boy wants to be just like daddy! He can mow the lawn with dad! The Fisher Price Bubble Mower on Amazon is $22 and boys will love it! (Girls too)

Fishing in the Tub! $10. Warning: They won’t want to get out of the tub!

The Leapfrog Learn and Groove Music Table. Sawyer loves the music, lights and climbing on and jumping off this. It has 15 activities and 40 melodies in English or Spanish. Talk about stimulation! Amazon $36.

What does your little boy like?

Need more gift ideas for 2 year old boys and everyone else on your list?  Check out the Gift Idea tab at the top of the blog and also pin Gift Idea Central to keep the whole collection in one place.

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7 Comments On This Topic
  1. Mariel
    5 years ago

    Great ideas! I agree on the tent thing, kids love their own private enclosed space. In the past, I’ve purchased real tents over in the camping aisle just for them. They have really small ones for kids for like 25 bucks. Sometimes he wanted it set RIGHT ON top of his bed…made it comfy to sleep in!

    If you give a tent, it would also be cute to give a kid’s flashlight (you know the kind that turn off automatically), some Smore’s cookie/crackers, maybe a kids fishing pole, some cute outdoors books like “going on a bear hunt” “where the wild things are”, or stuffed animals of things outdoors (bear, wolf, eagle, etc.).

    Anyway, great ideas!

  2. Nin
    5 years ago

    those things look fun to me, and i’m an adult! lucky cute little boy!

  3. Brooke
    5 years ago

    Fun ideas! My little boy turns 2 in a few months. He is absolutely in love with Monster Trucks these days. He even likes to watch them on T.V. 😀 I would prefer he like something a little less um,… redneck, shall we say? :)

  4. Jen
    5 years ago

    One of my good friends just had a baby boy, and I can’t wait until he’s 2 now so I can get him these fun toys!

  5. Jaime
    5 years ago

    My little guy is turning 2 on Wed. I am now thinking about that water table you mentioned, i know he would love it. And the Leap Frog is a great idea.He is so envious of his brothers Leapster.
    He loves his bubble mower, even though they don’t work great on the bubble end he doesn’t care. And he has the music table and loves it as well.

  6. The Slack Family
    5 years ago

    K this post was sooo helpful to me! My little boy turns two in a few months and I keep racking my brain for some more fun toys for him. He would LOVE every single thing you listed. Are you sure you didn’t post this just for him?? haha. Thank you, thank you!!

  7. kuangie
    5 years ago

    My little boy turned 2 in January. Mostly, he loves playing with his 5yo sister’s toys. But he LOVES his matchbox cars and garage and car carpet. And puzzles. And maything Lightening McQueen.

    LeapFrog stuff is great. He loves his alphabet leapfrog magnets.

    Call me old fashioned, but I refuse to buy my kids the play texting devices. Their 12 yo cousin gets over 200 texts a day!

    But, yes, my 2 yo boy would love to just play with sticks in the mud.

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