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Today, I want to share with you one of my most recent dates with my adventurous husband. A little twist on being a Rock Star! Everyone wants to be a Rockstar, right? Well, this is your chance to be that “rockstar.”

My husband was greeted with this trail of rocks when he got home. At the end of the trail was this invite.

Download your free copy of the invite here.

These “hot rocks” are all over the Internet right now. It is easy and fun to do – get your kids involved! My little guy is too small, so I did it myself. Here’s what you do:

1. Go outside and find yourself some rocks. Preferably flat on at least one side.

2. Soak them in some water – get the dirt and bugs off. :)

3. Line a baking sheet with some tinfoil and put your rocks on the sheet.

4. Pop them in the oven for about 15 min. at 350 degrees – or whatever. Just get them hot!

5. Pick your color scheme and unwrap some crayons! Don’t have a big bag of crayons like me? Well, you are in luck. It is back to school time and crayons are on sale for a quarter pretty much everywhere!

6. Pull them out and carefully color any design you want on your rocks! Be careful not to TOUCH the rocks. They will burn you.
The colors should just melt on there and dry into a colorful design. If your rocks start to cool and won’t take the color well, just pop the cooled ones back in the oven.

Now that my husband had an idea of what the date was about he got excited! We first headed to eat dinner here:

Don’t have a Rock Bottom near you? Find any restaurant that has ‘rock’ or ‘star’ in the title – Rock Creek Pizza, Asian Star, Hard Rock Cafe, etc. Even Carl’s Junior/Hardees has a star logo.

After we were full on yummy food and great root beer :) we headed out to do some Rock Climbing! This is something we love to do and haven’t had the chance in a long time. I found a local indoor climbing wall that would let us come and do it at our pace.

When you find a gym double check to make sure they have all the equipment for you! We enjoy rock climbing, but definitely aren’t professionals or have all the gear. The Sportsplex near us was perfect for us because we could just wear our own shoes and they had an auto belay. If you live in an area with some real rocks – go for the real thing! (It might be wise to go with experienced climbers if you want to tackle the “real thing”!)

Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never done it. It’s not too hard and they can teach you some techniques if you want. It is a GREAT workout for your forearms.

Plus, who wouldn’t mind staring at that view on every date! ;)

As we were driving home, I handed my husband these three notes and told him to choose what level of a ROCKSTAR he thought he was – Amateur, Quick Learner, or Professional Rocker.

Here’s what the cards said:

Amateur – You amateur rockstar will finish the night by learning from the best. Watch the movie “School of Rock.” (Which we own and is one of my husband’s favorites.)

Quick Learner – You quick learner rockstar can reflect on the good and areas to improve. Look to the stars. (Which means, take a blanket outside and look at the stars.)
Professional Rockstar – So you think you are a professional rockstar – PROVE IT! Let’s play a little Rockband.

You can download the labels for the notes here.

Not everyone has access to these movies/games, so do what fits for you! You don’t even have to give all three options. You could just choose one if you want. And for the record, my husband chose the “Quick Learner” but then wanted to see what they all said. When he saw we could watch “School of Rock” he changed his level. :)
Don’t forget the Rockstar Rejuvenator’s for whichever activity you choose!
(And FYI – Pop Rocks are ridiculously hard to find! I did finally spot them at the Dollar Tree of all places.)
We put in the movie and popped some Pop Rocks – love that fizzle! And to end the night I made my husband play the game of who can get their Starburst wrapper off in their mouth first – you know, to see who is the better kisser! I won! :)
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