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Hey “Or so she says…” readers! It’s Jami from scrappy chic. Today I’d like to show you some ways I’ve used old windows to decorate my house. Some of the window also serve functional purposes. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I’m super thrifty. I usually have a very small budget to work with, so I try to make every dollar count. All of these windows are from yard sales, thrift shops and a place called “Home Resource.” (This is a store where I live. They have all used building materials, it’s like heaven to me!) You could also buy window frames new! Some of the frames I buy have glass, some have screens and some already have nothing. What type of window frame you buy depends on the end result you want. Glass and screens can always be removed from the frame…it just depends how much work you want to put in to it! Take a look at some of these photos.
#1 Here is a window I painted white and roughed up with sandpaper. I also mounted a doorknob at the top to act as a hook. I hung our 11×13 family photo up on the knob with ribbon. 
#2  Mount a mirror to the back of an old window frame. (sorry, you can see a big mess through the mirror *wink*)
#3 On this window I stapled floral wire to the back of the frame in a criss cross pattern to create a place to hang photos or notes with clothes pins. I painted the window frame and clothes pins black to give it a sleeker look. I also hung some jewels from a few of the wires. (see next photo)
#4 I used this window frame as a picture frame and added a black vinyl “r” (cut from the cricut) to stand for our last name. To mount the photos on the glass I used double stick tape.
#5 This window frame still has the screen in it. But I stapled floral wire again in a criss cross pattern on the front, to give close pins a place to hang. This frame works great for notes, school assignments, cards, invites, reminders…..the possibilities are endless.
#6 and lastly, place a piece of sheet metal behind a frame. Use can get sheet metal at any home supply store and they will usually cut it to size for you too! This sheet metal works great for magnets!
Let me know if  you use any of these ideas! I would love to see your photos!!!
~ Jami


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  1. Neat ideas! I always drive by a thrift shop that has old windows sitting outside. Now I know what I could do with them!

  2. I have an old window with the antique glass hanging on my wall. I pick out scrapebooking paper to match the season/holiday and put it in each frame and hang it up. I love it. My husband does some work for a shop that has lots of the old frames with different sizes and styles. Always trying to think of ideas for them, too. Thanks for some!

  3. I love it, great ideas! Thanks for your post, Jami!


  4. Cute ideas Jami!

  5. I LOVE the look of old window frames!! Neat idea with the knob to hang up the photo!

  6. thanks everyone! I hope you try at least one of these ideas in your house!!! jami

  7. Love all these ideas! Where do you find the old window frames?

  8. I was fortunate to get a couple old frames, the paint is falling of quite badly, should I do anything to them before I make my project or hang hem in the house?

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