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Hello! My name is Michelle (AKA the Fun On A Dime Lady). I am always on the lookout for fun and affordable activities for my family to do and that is why I started my blog Fun On A Dime. It is my little oasis where I gather all my fun findings/ideas and share them with others. You can see more about me on my previous “Or So She Says” posts like the Watermelon Jello Bowl and my Giant Scrap Fabric Snake

There is nothing I love more than a fun and simple family game. This is one of my favorite games! It is super easy to set up and loads of fun and giggles. I was even able to make a demo movie for your viewing enjoyment!

What You Need:
  • 1 or 2 large bags of Peanut M&M’s depending on group size (not the extra large pictured above!)
  • A big bowl for the M&M’s
  • 2 dice
  • Shake straws – like the kind you get from a fast food place
  • 1 cup/little bowl for every player
  • Something to roll the dice in or on (pie tin, box, plate, etc)
Using the straw suck as many M&M’s from the bowl as possible before the player to your left rolls a double. Once all the M&M’s are gone from the big bowl, the player with the most M&M’s wins.
  1. No touching the bowl other than to place it in front of yourself (i.e. don’t have one hand on the bowl while trying to suck up the M&M’s).
  2. You must roll a double to pass the pie tin on and snag the M&M bowl.
  3. The only way to transfer the M&M’s from the bowl to your cup is with the straw by sucking. (NO HANDS!!!)
Step 1: Pour large bag of M&M’s into bowl. Peanut M&M’s have worked best thus far. Also, a large bag of M&M’s is more than enough. I bought a extra huge bag and it was WAY too many!
Step 2: Gather friends and/or family and have everyone sit in a large circle around the M&M bowl.
Step 3: Hand a straw and cup out to each player. Shake straws work the best for sucking.
Step 4: Pass the pie tin around with the 2 dice to the left. Each player rolls. The first player to get a double gets the M&M bowl.
Step 5: The person to the left of the “M&M Sucker” gets the die and keeps rolling until they roll a double. Once they roll a double, they get the bowl and the pie tin moves to the left.
Step 6: Keep repeating until all the M&M’s are gone!
**Note** This game is more suited for older kids and adults. We let the little kids have their own “turn” at the end of the game.
Have Fun!!!  Click here for MORE group games!
~ Michelle



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Mariel (mahr-eeee-elle) is a mother to six, wife to one. Loves homeschooling, golfing, cupcakes, traveling, cuddling, non-fiction books, gardening, James Taylor, and family time. This is her blog. Enjoy!
5 Comments On This Topic
  1. Chelsi
    4 years ago

    We just did this at my daughter’s birthday party (for the second time in a couple of years) and I can testify that it is a blast. The kids love it! I think adults would love it, too…

  2. KT
    4 years ago

    Sounds like fun, and cheap too! I like it

  3. Mariel
    4 years ago

    Simple and cute, just the way I like it!


  4. janel
    4 years ago

    I love this idea!

  5. Chelsea
    4 years ago

    LOVE it! Such a great idea! That MichelleFun On A Dime lady is great.

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