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Last month, my blogging buddy, Leigh Anne, shared some awesome Valentine’s Day recipes.  One of them was called Jam Diagonals.  (Her blog is having technical issues right now, but I’ll add her link as soon as it works again.)  Normally, I would look past any cookie that was fruity (as opposed to chocolaty), but after seeing several people rave about them, I was like…why not??  And, I’m SOOOOO insanely glad that I tried them.  I love how the cookie part just crumbles instantly in your mouth, and the jam paired with a lemon icing is so nummy.  I ate these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two days in a row!

So, Leigh Anne’s version is a bar, cut into diagonal pieces.  When I did it like that…mine looked sloppy.  Nothing like hers (lovely).  I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of.  But, I loved them enough to figure out a shape that would do them justice when I made them.  Introducing, Jam Rounds :)  Also, I tried these cookies with several different flavors of jam and jelly.  Strawberry jelly was too sweet, peach jam didn’t work with the lemon icing, raspberry was perfect.Oh, and I tripled the recipe…if you’re making cookies, you might as well make enough to share (or eat for every meal for the next 2 days.)

Ingredients:  1 1/2 cups butter, 3/4 cup sugar, 3 tsp. vanilla, 1/4 tsp. salt, 3 3/4 cups flour, raspberry jam,  2 1/2 cups powdered sugar, 12 tsp. lemon juice.
First, you cream your butter, sugar, salt, and vanilla in the mixer for a few minutes.  Add the flour, gradually, and mix well.  Oh, heat your oven to 350 degrees.
Roll the dough into small balls and place them on a parchment lined cookie sheet.  Take your finger and gently flatten the dough, while making an indentation (little pocket) for the jam….see below…
Fill each pocket with a dollop of raspberry jam.  The one mistake I made here was thinking I had enough jam.  I didn’t realize that the cookies would spread like it did, and once they were baked, I wished there was more jam!  Trust me on this…more jam.
Bake for about….hmmm…I think it was probably 18 minutes, or so.  But, just watch it and take them out when you see just a hint of golden color.  Let them cool on the pan.
Make the lemon icing by combining about 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar with 12 tsp. of lemon juice.  The original recipe had less powdered sugar, but that’s because it needed to be thin for spreading.  I wanted this icing to be a little thicker to somewhat hold it’s shape when I squiggled across the tops.
You’re done!  Invite me over if you make them :)
Raspberry Jam Rounds with Lemon Icing
Raspberry Jam Rounds With Lemon Icing ~ Love This Cookie!
  • 1½ cups butter
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 3 tsp. vanilla
  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • 3¾ cups flour
  • raspberry jam
  • 3½ to 4 cups powdered sugar
  • 12 tsp. lemon juice
  1. Heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cream the butter, sugar, salt, and vanilla in a mixer.
  3. Slowly add the flour and mix well.
  4. Roll the dough into small balls and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet.
  5. Press your finger, gently, in the middle of the ball to flatten and leave an indentation in the middle, to be a "pocket" for the jam.
  6. Fill each pocket with a dollop of jam. Remember, the cookies will spread a bit, so extra jam is good, so that it will spread too :)
  7. Bake for about 15 - 18 minutes, or until you see a slight hint of golden color on the cookie. Remove from oven and let cool.
  8. Meanwhile, mix the powdered sugar and lemon juice to make the icing.
  9. Using a pastry bag, squiggle the frosting across the tops of the cookies.


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18 Comments On This Topic
  1. shauna
    4 years ago

    You had me at Raspberry Jam. And raspberry combined with lemon….it’s too much for me this morning! Those look so so good. Thanks for another recipe that I will for sure be adding to the collection!

  2. Leigh Anne Wilkes
    4 years ago

    I love them in a round shape. So glad you enjoyed them. They are addictive and I eat way too many of them whenever I make them.

  3. Mariel
    4 years ago

    @shauna – Thanks for the comment! Let me know how they turn out :) Remember…extra jam.

    @leigh anne – I keep checking your blog, so I can stick up a link. Let me know if it comes up before I notice. Thanks for the great recipe!!

  4. Kristen Taylor
    4 years ago

    Yum! These remind me of a cookie that my mom loves. I will have to try them to see if they are close! The one she likes can also use Apricot jam… wonder if that would work for this recipe too. Thanks for the recipe! :)

  5. Mariel
    4 years ago

    @Kristen – The nice thing about these is you can easily try several different jam flavors in one batch. I think the deep, tart flavors work best. I want to try boysenberry jam next… Thanks for the comment!

  6. Julia
    4 years ago

    Man… I gave up sugar for Lent and now I can’t stop looking at blogs with sugary treats! These look delicious- I’m making ’em the day after Easter!

  7. Mariel
    4 years ago

    @julia – you’re funny! i do the same thing when i’m on a diet…look at food porn. it’s rough.

  8. Cathie
    4 years ago

    Oh, these are calling me……I can’t wait to try these.

  9. Krista Low
    4 years ago

    Oh my heavens! Yes please :) I just pinned these to my cookie board. They look amazing. I am looking forward to trying these out :) Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  10. Kandice
    4 years ago

    Made these for Christmas. Great recipe!
    I used 2.5 cups of powdered sugar and about 15 tablespoons lemon juice for the frosting.

  11. Kandice
    4 years ago

    Teaspoons, not tablespoons

    • Mariel
      4 years ago

      Thanks for the comment, Kandice. Glad you liked them!

  12. Veronica
    4 years ago

    I am seriously addicted to these. Darn you…

    • Mariel
      4 years ago

      Sorry!! I love them too… I actually just bought all the stuff to make them this weekend and I can’t wait!

  13. Nicole Wilde
    4 years ago

    This recipe didn’t work. Was not able to roll them at all. It was a very wet recipe. Looked amazing but disappointed. I have never commented on a recipe before but this one was so off I felt I had to,

    • Mariel
      4 years ago

      The recipe actually does work, I’m not sure what went wrong with yours. There really isn’t any reason it should turn out wet, unless maybe your butter was melted when you made the dough, rather than slightly softened. This is a great recipe that works for me, Your Homebased Mom (whom we got the recipe from), and many readers. I’m sorry it didn’t turn out for you. They’re super delicious!

  14. Connie
    4 years ago

    I just made these and they are amazing! I made half the batch Raspberry and half Orange Marmalade! My honey liked them both, but said the Orange was his favorite! I made the cookies for his monthly airplane meeting. I can’t wait to see how his buds like them!

    • Mariel
      4 years ago

      Oh, yay!!! So glad to hear! I’m a big raspberry fan, but I’ll have to try the orange too. Thanks for stopping back, Connie!

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