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{Hello! I’m Ginger.} I’m a wife to one awesome guy & mom to 5 wild & crazy kiddos. I love to create things, blog, garden, decorate & most of all be with my family. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years, & I love keeping a journal of my family, but I thought our family blog was getting a little overrun with all my craftiness. So, I decided it was time to part ways & start my very own craft blog, Ginger Snap Crafts. :) I hope to share ideas I’ve found, & inspire others to create along with me.
 Every summer we have to make bandana shorts.  They are super easy, {cheap}, comfy, cool & fun to make.
The kiddos can even help out. {I found a great tutorial here.} Now, I don’t sew…so, if I can make these, YOU can too! :)

All you’ll need is two bandanas, {Got mine from Hobby Lobby for less than a dollar, wahoo!}a package of 1 inch elastic & the usual sewing supplies: sewing machine, thread, scissors & needles.

First you’ll need to make a pattern.  Make it about 2 inches wide by 10 inches long.  Make sure it curves at the end.  Fold your bandana in half.  Then cut the pattern out on the side opposite the fold.  Do the same thing for both of your bandanas.

Unfold both of your bandanas.  Lay them down right side together.  Pin them together along the edges.  Now you’ll sew the two bandanas together.  Leaving the top & bottom part open.

Open up your bandana’s as shown & pin the crotch area together.  Then you’ll sew the inseams together.

While the bandanas are still inside out fold down the top of your shorts about 2 inches.  Iron this down flat, then you’ll sew around the edge making sure to leave enough space for the elastic to fit through in a minute.  Don’t sew it all the way closed just yet….leave a little gap. :)

Measure the elastic around your child’s waste.  You want it to fit, but not be too tight or too loose.  Now you are going to thread your elastic through the opening you left opened.  If you attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic it makes this job a lot easier. :)  Sew the two ends of your elastic together.

Sew your gap closed, turn your shorts right side out & there you go {super cute} bandana shorts  {Perfect for summertime…my kiddos love to sleep in them.  They are so comfortable!}
Come to my blog and I’ll show you how I made this {adorable}matching shirt!
~ Ginger


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