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Alrighty.  As promised, gift ideas for an 8 year old boy…taken directly from the mouth of my 8 year old boy.

My little brother, known as ‘Uncle Ethan,’ has a diabolo.  Every time my boys go visit, they snag it and practice their skills.  Have you seen these things before??  Check out this video…this dude is amazing.  Even little Shane has gotten quite good, so I figured it’s time he had his own.  His uncle’s diabolo is probably twice the size as the one I got him, but I thought this Anti-Gravity Diabolo was perfect for Shane, who is really still a beginner.  Plus, it’s significantly cheaper ($17).  He’s been loving it.  He pulls it out any time anyone comes over, the little show-off.

Shane’s favorite thing to do is go golfing with his dad.  Now, he doesn’t actually play, mind you, but he’s Dan’s personal golf ball retriever.  Whenever Dan pulls up on a hole, my boys will jump out of the cart and run off to the bushes, searching for all the golf balls they can find.  Dad gives them 50 cents for each one…which is WAY too generous (according to mom!)  Dan already has a 5 gallon bucket filled with balls sitting in the garage. He”s a hoarder!  That….OR he just knows it’s fun for his kids.  :)  Here’s some pictures that the boys snapped on our last golf outing, just before I chopped my hair off.

Instagram – orsoshesays

Anyway, Shane has decided he’s ready to try out his skills on the golf course.  So, he’s had his eye on these Intech Junior Golf Clubs for a while.  Of course, Dad was so proud of his son for wanting golf clubs, so these ended up being his ‘main’ birthday present.  Of course, Dan had to give Shane his own golf ball retriever too…in case the golfing thing doesn’t work out.

Shane’s life-long dream is to have his own dog.  Unfortunately for him, I’m just not ready for that.  And, when I offer to buy him his own living house plant instead, he groans.  I don’t know why….it’s not like I would give him pansies in a pot, or something.  I’m talking a hefty cast-iron plant, maybe a snake plant or a pothos ivy.  He’s not down with that.  Poor kid, I wish he could have a dog, but mom only has so much patience to spare, and right now it’s all dispersed amongst five small children.  But, one of these days…one.of.these.days.  Until then, I would happily buy him the How to Draw Animals Workbook on his Amazon wishlist.

Shane loves how the Fourth of July fair and his birthday are so close together.  He loves to save his earnings until after his birthday so he can buy everything he was hoping for, but didn’t receive.

Instagram – orsoshesays

This time, his first after-birthday purchase was this RC Helicopter.  He and his brother bought the same ones, different colors and love to fly them together.  Apparently, these ones are cool cause they’re not lame-styrafoam.

Shane’s saving his money so that he’ll still have enough when the New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo DS comes out on August 19th.  Shane loves to ‘link up’ with his brother and play DS at all hours of the night…at least until mom catches them.

Shane loves to read.  Yay.  His latest wish is to get the newest Origami Yoda book, out on August 7 (2012), The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee.  This is the third book in this fun series.  First, Origami Yoda.  Second, Darth Paper Strikes Back.

Let’s see…I’m looking over his wish list…I see a terrorist-like ski mask, a dart blowgun, and a $250 dollar iPod.  No thanks.  Oh, here’s a good one…the Wild Planet Lazer Tripwire, to warn him of Baby Joe swiping his RC Helicopter.

Anyway, hope that gives you some gift ideas for YOUR eight year old boy!  If you’re looking for more gift ideas for an 8 year old boy, check out part one: Gift Ideas: 8 Year Old Boy (from when Caden was 8).

If you’re looking for gift ideas for other ages, men, women, whatever…visit Gift Idea Central, where I store all my gift idea posts.



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4 Comments On This Topic
  1. Jocelyn Christensen
    3 years ago

    My son is not quite old enough for the origami yoda books, but I’mgoing to keep them in mind! Someone is already getting the helicopter though! :)

    • orsoshesays
      3 years ago


  2. Samantha
    3 years ago

    Here is another fine idea I would like to add to your suggestions. My sons favorite plant gift was a kit to grow a Zombie Plant. Its a real plant that plays dead when you touch it, by closing its leaves and lowering its branches when tickled. Its a great way to excite your kids about nature and gardening. Find the Zombie Grow Kit on ThinkGeek or other vendors on line.

    • Mariel
      3 years ago

      Love the idea!! Thanks so much, Samantha. My kids would love a plant like that!

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