Gifts for Girls Ages 3 – 6 ~ Mariel’s Picks 2012

Yay!!  I look forward to this gift idea series ALL year.  So, get ready for a whole 3 weeks worth of ideas for everyone on your Christmas list.

Let’s get started…today’s post is all about gifts for girls, ages 3 to 6.

There seems to be no point in making my girls beds, at this stage in their life.  Nearly every day, they are fashioning all of their blankets into the ultimate bunk bed tent.  Tucking, poking, and wedging blankets in every crevice of the bed, so there are no cracks in their tent wall.  Maybe with a Secret Castle Bed Tent, their blankets can stay put, and they will truly have an enclosed space.  Some fun additions to go with the tent…a pink flashlight and a pillow pet.

My little girls love playing pretend-anything.  Pretend restaurant, pretend house, pretend doctor, pretend school…SOOOO, this Learning Resources Pretend and Play School Set would be perfect for them.  Not only would it be fun, but it can also be educational!  The set includes 149 supplies for teaching and learning…and, of course, it gets perfect 5 star reviews.

What‘s a pretend classroom without lots of pretend students??  I love these Mommy & Me school desks for 18″ dolls (fits American Girl).  Plus, a doll needs to be prepared for school, so she’ll need this School Desk Supply and Backpack.


Speaking of dolls, this is a great age to start THINKING about American Girl dolls.  My oldest daughter is 6, and that’s ALL she wants.  She’s never been into dolls, but between her friends having them and the catalogs coming to our house, she is now convinced that nothing could be better.  She’s also convinced her 4 year old sister that American Girl dolls are where it’s at.  These are super pricey dolls, so my decision to purchase would definitely be based on the maturity/personality of my daughter.  When my oldest daughter was 4, there is no way in the world I would have bought her one, she was so destructive!  But, my daughter who is 4 now, she loves dolls and loves to be a ‘good mommy’.

I recommend buying the dolls directly from the American Girl Doll website.  But, as far as purchasing clothing and furniture…I recommend checking out my Ultimate Christmas Guide for American Girl Dolls post, where I give you lots of suggestions on where you can save money.

The ultimate Christmas gift??  Ooooh, I love this pink retro kitchen from Kidkraft!  Looks similar to the ones offered by Pottery Barn, but this one is a MUCH better price.  Order it from Amazon and get free shipping.

How about some more affordable gifts?  My little Isabelle has been wishing for this Disney Prettiest Princess Play Doh Set for the longest time!  She can mold her own princesses, glass slippers, roses, and it comes with all the prettiest colors of Play Doh.

Coloring is a daily activity at my house, which I love.  It’s even fun that nearly all of the coloring pages become gifts to me, from the girls.  After hanging them on the fridge or taping them on the pantry door, they are quickly smothered by gobs of new artwork.  I’m thinking this expandable ‘My Art’ File would be a great place for them to store their favorite pictures…and, the ones they give me too.

Both of my girls are into Barbies, so I know they would love the new 2012 Barbie movie, The Princess & the Popstar.  It would be fun to pick up some of the same Barbies that are in the movie, too…Tori & Keira.

Hope that helps you with gift ideas for your little girls, ages 3 to 6!

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Check back tomorrow for more of Mariel’s Picks!!



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