Gag Gifts for White Elephant Parties ~ Mariel’s Picks 2012

As the final day of Mariel’s Picks 2012, I think we’ll wrap it up with gag gifts for white elephant parties…

Oh, my heavens.  I can’t stop laughing!  A Booty Pop??  The reviews on this thing totally stink, if you’re considering it for practical reasons.  But, for a gag gift…perfect.

So, I actually want this…Aqua Notes.  All my best ideas happen in the shower!  Funny, it actually gets great reviews too. :)

And, how fun would this Awkward Family Photos book be to have sitting on your coffee table??

These face pillows are kinda pricey for a gag gift (and wouldn’t arrive in time for Christmas), but I love the idea!  They actually seem fairly easy to make…doesn’t look like you need any major sewing skills. :)  Look online, you’ll find several idea for printing on fabric…here’s one.

I know this toilet mug is gross, don’t hate me.

I love these rings from the Etsy shop, Powell Art & Design.  Reasonably priced, clever, and they totally make me smile.

We recently flew home from Mexico, and while on the long, boring flight, I found myself browsing the Sky Mall catalog.  The husband and I were getting a kick out of this Upright Sleeper…supposedly GREAT for everyone who wants to sleep on planes!  I totally could have used one.

Another Sky Mall treasure, Hicural.  For $20 bucks you can buy a little stick.  Bite down on it when you have hiccups and try to drink water…your hiccups are cured!  If not, repeat until they are. :) I won’t even go into the many reasons this is product makes me laugh.

And, lastly…The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead.

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 I hope you all enjoyed Mariel’s Picks 2012 and got LOTS of gift ideas!



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  1. These are hilarious!!! We do a white elephant gift exchange for both of our families and at my workplace do always looking for new ideas! This year I am giving a framed pic of myself! Ha! The frame us a real gift but I can see my coworker replacing my photos with a different one;)

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