Mariel’s Picks 2012 ~ Gift Ideas for Men

Happy Tuesday!  How about some gift ideas for men??
Something on Dan’s wish list this year is a hunting range finder.  Not only would it help him to know the exact distance of his target, but he loves that he can use it golfing too! Nikon Archers Choice Rangefinder (you can find several, of all different price ranges HERE.)
There’s something about men and remote control toys.  Dan would love to pester the kids with this Remote Control Missile Shooting Helicopter!
When I do my gift idea posts, I like to hit up everyone I know for their favorite things. My brother in law is obsessed with Wild Ride Jerky…good to know, good to know. It claims to be the “most flavorful, tender, and chewy jerky under the sun.” I’m thinking Dan would love to try that out! It would be a great gift for the kids to give him. :) There are several flavors to choose from, and a one pound bag runs about $15 bucks.

Not only does Fossil make my favorite wallets for men and women (lots of pockets for organizing), but they also make some sexy watches.  Dan has never really been one to wear a watch, but he was sure wishing he had one when we were in Mexico last week, and weren’t carrying around our cell phones (too expensive to use!)  He decided he might actually want one now…not to mention that it would come in handy at work.

I love the Black Stainless Steel


And, the Flight Brown for a more casual look…

If your man is into movies and collecting favorites, the James Bond movies and Batman movies have just barely been released as sets.

If your man was a child of the 80’s or 90’s, chances are he’s still all over a great video game. A few recommendations from the men I know:

(for those with an electric guitar & an itch to play)
(Just came out…Dan and the brother-in-laws are all hoping to get it, so they can beat down the zombies.)
(The other must-have game of the year for bro-get-togethers.)
(Claimed to be one of the best games of 2012)

Some highly recommended board games

(said to be highly addicting and fun for big or small groups.)
(This is always a fun group game that we play at family get-togethers…keeps us up all night.)

And, there you have it!

Need MORE gift ideas for men and EVERYONE on your list, visit (and pin!) my Gift Idea Central (where all past and future gift ideas are stored.)

See you tomorrow for even more of Mariel’s Picks 2012!



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