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Today’s Picks: Gift Ideas for Mom and Baby:

Gifts for Baby and Mom:

If you’re anything like me, so many of the hilarious, profound, and sweet sayings that come from the mouths of my children, never get written down.  I remember them long enough to tell my husband in the evening, but beyond that they quickly slip my mind.  It’s a shame because they often say the BEST things…and, sometimes the worst things. :)  This book, My Quotable Kid, is the perfect item to have kicking around the kitchen counter.  Ready to open up, at a moments notice, and jot down those great kid quotes.  I especially love that the book could be used for all your kids, you don’t need one for each.  Each page has a space to write the quote, the kid who said it, there age, and the location.  Wouldn’t it be fun to pull the book out when they’re older and read to them from it??

How did I not know about these Boon Baby Food Dispensing Spoons until RIGHT before my sixth baby??  Reviewers love these spoons, I mean LOVE.  You unscrew the spoon attachment and put the baby food in the handle, then put the spoon back on.  Squeeze and feed.  If you’re on the go, just put the cap on and throw it in your purse.  Great for easy feedings at the mall, doctor’s office, restaurants, or anywhere baby goes.  Reviewers say it makes for cleaner feedings too, because the food doesn’t get all over the bottom of the spoons.  Lots of colors to choose from.

This Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Mailbox is so cute and has tons of features that babies love…opening and closing doors, fitting items in slots, spinning wheels, music, shake and rattle items, and more.  One of Amazon’s top sellers in baby toys!

I love the poncho style nursing covers SO much better than the other kind.  They are usually made out of a soft, stretchy material, and they surround you, so baby can’t kick and pull it aside.  Not that I don’t love flashing my boobs to people, I do.  But, I save that for special occasions….like, waiting at stop lights, speeding down roller coasters, and texting.

For some reason, these things can cost upward of $80 dollars.  I know, right?  But, here’s a couple I love that are reasonably priced from a small etsy shop, A Marvelous Modern Mama, $30.  I don’t see any reason to pay $50 bucks more!

As a mom of many, I go through way to many Ziploc bags.  Not only is it wasteful, but those things are expensive!  I was so excited to recently stumble on these snack and sandwich bags by Itzy Ritzy.  They’re cute on the outside, have a machine washable lining on the inside (sweet!) that catches crumbs and keeps spills from leaking out, and they have various sizes for all your different needs.  I could save so much money with these things!  Besides being great for snacks, they can also be used to store wet-wipes, crayons, make-up, whatever you want.

It’s fun to have a collection of books for your little one.  I know you’ve heard all the must-haves, like Goodnight Moon, Where is Baby’s Belly Button?, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar

But, it’s also fun to discover some new, top-rated books, that you may not have heard of…

Press Here is super cute.  The kiddo presses their finger on the yellow dots throughout the book, as they grow, multiply and change directions.

The Wide Mouthed Frog is an entertaining and colorful pop-up book about a frog who is curious about what other animals eat.  It doesn’t take long until he finds one that likes to eat frogs!

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear is the story of a mouse trying to protect her fruit from the bear.  Over 200 5-star reviews on this one!

Obviously, each one of my babies has stolen my heart.  But, you know what else they steal??  My memory.  I’m not kidding.  I used to be so on top of things, but with each baby I get more and more forgetful. Now, I’m to the point where I forget to…well, I’m not admitting anything.  But, now my house is filled with sticky notes and calendars in all my frequented locations.  Anyway, I saw these Boogie Boards in the Brookstone catalog, and I totally want one. You write on the pressure-sensitive surface with the stylus.  When your done with that note, simply press the button at the top and it’s instantly erased!  I would love this for my running grocery list that is always kicking around the kitchen, as well as random tasks that I need to remember throughout the day. There are also different sized boards available for different prices.

See you tomorrow for more of Mariel’s Picks 2012!




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