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There are so many adorable and cheap neighbor gifts all over the blogs now days.  I love it…I’ve pinned several of them.  But, sometimes you have some special neighbors that you want to do a little more for.  Something beyond the roll of wrapping paper, plate of cookies, or sparkling cider.  So, today’s ideas don’t really have the clever sayings, but they’re all gifts that I think most neighbor would appreciate.  And, I tried to make each gift simple, but then suggested ways to ‘take it up a notch.’  Here we go!

Christmas Gifts for Neighbors…

There must be a story behind oranges and why they are prevalent at Christmas.  I remember always getting one in the bottom of my stocking when I was a kid.  To be honest, I was a little perturbed that it was wasting my candy space, but now I’m sure happy to continue the tradition with my own kids!

A bag of oranges make the EASIEST neighbor gift!  And, depending on your budget (or your neighborly love), there are some fun additions that you can include with the bag…

This Progressive Citrus Peeler is just $4 bucks, and the best rated orange peeler out there. Tie it up with a festive ribbon around the bag of oranges (maybe the oranges are wrapped in cellophane??  That would be pretty.)

Take the gift up another notch and include this super sweet story, An Orange for Frankie

…or, the just released, raved about movie, Christmas Oranges.

One of the best things about Christmas is the reminder of how important family is.  Of course, we always know that, but Christmas seems to reinforce our feelings, right?  One of the best things for a family is to spend time together, having fun.  So, who wouldn’t want a gift that encourages that??  There are several top-rated games that are right around ten dollars.  Some of the favorites in my family are LCR, Spot-It, Pit, and our newest favorite, Pass the Pigs.  We have literally played this every day this week.  My husband and I totally get into it, as does our 4 year old.  Each player takes turns rolling the pig dice.  Depending on how they land determines the amount of points you get, or if you lose everything.  Once you roll, if you’re feeling brave, you can keep rolling…but, be careful, you might get a pig-out and lose all your points.  The kids think it’s a riot when someone gets greedy and ends up losing their points…they’re banging on the table and chanting, “Pig-out! Pig-out!”  Of course, that’s followed by a round of loud snorts.  It’s fun, I tell ya.

Take it up a notch, and throw in a bag of Chex-Mix and a bottle of Root-Beer (or Pomegranate 7-Up…yum!)  Maybe attach some great quote about the family and Christmas…I’ll let you find one. :)

I have a pretty hefty stack of Christmas books, and guess which one is always the favorite…??  The Sweet Smell of Christmas.  Inside there are several scratch and sniff stickers, representing the many wonderful smells at Christmas time.  It talks about apple pie, hot chocolate, gingerbread, pine trees…things like that.  My kids are anxious every year to scratch and sniff the pages…even my older boys!  I actually have bought the book twice over the past 12 years, just to refresh the sticker smell (I think I tried looking for replacements first…if you ever find them, please tell me!)  Anyway, I think the book would make a great neighbor gift for anyone with kids or grandkids.

Take it up a notch, and include a “sweet smell of Christmas”…like, a plate of cookies, a tin of hot chocolate, a pine smelling candle or wax melt, and so on.

A super cheap and easy neighbor gift is to give framed subway art.  It’s the in thing right now, and in just a couple minutes you have crafted a complete Christmas decoration!  Do a search on Pinterest for ‘Christmas subway art’…you’ll find loads of free printables.  Print them off on a color printer, stick it in a cute frame, and you’re done!  Stick a cute bow on it and include a Christmas treat.

Here’s a few free Christmas printables (that I love) from around the internet…

Or, take it up a notch and include a favorite Christmas music album…tie it right in there with the ribbon around the frame.  Awesome gift.  Want suggestions??  How about my favorite Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong.  Beautiful music.  Or, this popular one by Michael Buble?

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See you tomorrow for more of Mariel’s Picks 2012!



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  1. Rebecca
    3 years ago

    I was surfing Pinterest trying to find a cute Christmas printable, and look where I ended up! I should have known you would have already found the cutest ones out there!

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