Meet Baby Ben ~ Now 2 Weeks Old!

I finally got around to pulling the pictures off my camera.  Many of you have been so sweet to ask about my little guy and how I’m doing.  We’re doing great.  He’s adorable, I’m happy to not be pregnant anymore (see ya, heartburn!), and now we’re just trying to figure out a new rhythm.  ‘Baby Ben,’ as his brother likes to call him, was born February 17, my biggest baby at 8 pounds 4 oz.

My first thought after having him was, ‘Yay!‘…the second thought was, ‘What in the world???‘  Look at that little red-head!! 

Here he is, just one day old, meeting his siblings for the first time…

…and, he’s been the highlight of our days ever since.
This baby gets a lot of love!
Even Joey loves the little guy that bumped him from the ‘baby spot’.

…that is, until Mom is holding him.  Then Baby Ben isn’t so great anymore.  But, we’re working on it.

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  1. Jocelyn says:

    oh how sweet! Love him and all of your little babies…not so little anymore! Congratulations, Mariel!!

  2. He’s so sweet and darling (just like all your other kids!). I’m so happy for you! Have a great day!

  3. Ellison Reed says:

    Beautiful family!

  4. Kara Leff says:

    You guys have such a beautiful family! Glad you are doing well I’m sure it is quite the adjustment. I’m a little nevous for #4. I should have the Audrey come play to take one kid away for a little while:)

  5. Camille Duckworth says:

    yay! So so SO darling! Tell me it’s a bit easier the more you have because the older ones are older and more self sufficient and helpful! I’m trying to convince Duck for one more!

  6. What a sweet family!! Baby Ben sure is loved!!<3

  7. Beautiful! Congratulations on your new addition to you family!

  8. Jessica says:

    He’s adorable!! I can’t believe you have SIX now!! Wonder Woman!

  9. Oh seeing that made me a little baby hungry. Too bad I’ve already decided 4 is the limit for me! Congratulations, he looks perfect!!

  10. Congratulations! He is super cute and it looks like your family is enjoying him a whole lot! I hope the transition period is going smoothly!

  11. So sweet! Been a bit baby hungry lately …this didn’t help. lol congratulations!

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