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Well, my little Shanie-poo is now 9 years old.  He hates when I call him Shanie-poo… especially when he’s up to bat or about to shoot a basket.  I can’t imagine why.  All I know is if I had something important on the line, I would totally want the reminder that my mom thinks I’m freakin adorable.  All things would seem possible.  One of these days he’ll appreciate me.  Eh, teasin.

This was a hard shopping year for Shane.  He gave me two ideas: fishing stuff and a remote control helicopter.  Both lovely ideas, but the problem with fishing is my husband doesn’t love it.  So, Shane has to wait for Uncle Marc to come to town, so he can go with him.  I didn’t know if it was worth the moolah if Shane didn’t get to go that much.  The problem I have with remote control helicopters is that I think we’ve probably owned five of them already.  I have no idea where they are, if they work anymore, or if they were ever used in the first place.  Do we really need another one?  I wasn’t convinced.  So, that left me with… let’s see… oh, that’s right, NO ideas.

But THEN, I saw something soooo perfect.  Eeeeeek!!  Let me show you…

Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Boy:

Remote Control Fishing Boat – Okay, this remote control fishing boat.  So awesome.  It was the perfect combo of fishing and remote control.  AND, we are regulars at the lake, so he would have plenty of chances to play with it.  I got it for him… this was his main present, and it has been a hit!  It’s fast, powerful, huge (almost 3 feet long!) and will really catch fish!!   There are several YouTube videos showing people pulling in good size fish with this RC boat.  There are also several models to choose from and they all are compatible with the fishing kit.  The most popular one is the Radio Ranger, the one I got (and pictured below.)

Dangerous Book for Boys –  I recruited you gals on Facebook to share some of your gift ideas for 9 year old boys, and this book was a top suggestion.  It also gets lots and lots of great reviews on Amazon.  Inside, boys will find all sorts of valuable and fun information on fossils, tying knots, camping, bows and arrows, pirates, reading a compass, understanding electricity, finding constellations, fishing, and tons more.

Lights from Anywhere – This was a great suggestion from my Facebook buddies, especially because Shane had actually bought this with his own money when we were at Disneyland.  So, obviously great idea for a 9 year old boy.  It’s a neat little magic trick where it appears that two glowing balls are magically appearing where they should not.  It can be a little tricky to do right, but once it’s learned, it’s really fun to watch!

Mythbusters Science Kit –  For school, Shane is always asking to do science projects.  Always.  Like, every day.  The trouble with science projects is finding all the stuff you need.  That’s why these kits from Discovery Channel’s hit show, Mythbusters, come in real handy.  And, hey… the DVD box set might be a fun gift to bundle with it.

Beyblades – I had no idea what Beyblades were.  Actually, I still don’t.  All I know is that I was on the other day, Shane walked in the room, saw them on the screen, and said, ‘Beyblades are SOOO awesome!’  So, let’s see if I can figure out what they are… doo-doo-doo… still looking… reading, reading, reading… Okay, I have no idea.  There’s some kind of launcher thing, something about battles, and the things moving around, all cool-like.  Oh, and then there is tons of reviewers saying stuff about how these are so rad, they love collecting them, and such and such one has great speed and good defense.  Whatever.  I guess they’re cool and great gift ideas for a 9 year old boy.  :)

Contraptions by Keva –  Recommended by a mom on Facebook, and given great reviews, ‘Young thinkers can build unbelievable ball track structures with this simple stacking plank system. Create ramps, funnels, chutes and crazy contraptions like the “Black Hole” and “Bounce Plate.” Then find out if the ball rolls as expected. Fostering unlimited creativity and experimentation.’  Sounds good to me!  I love activities that get those mind wheels turning.

Choose Your Own Adventure Books – Remember these books from when we were kids??  I loved them and it’s so fun that Shane loves them too.  I asked him what him what his favorite books was, so I could suggest it to you all, and without hesitation, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure.’  He highly recommends the one called, ‘Lost in the Amazon.’

NBA 2K13 Video Game –  My boys love playing a fun video game together.  They especially love when they can get their dad involved.  Shane’s current fave, NBA 2K13.

Anyway, I hope that gives you some gift ideas for your nine year old boy!

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  1. Rebecca
    2 years ago

    Amazing list, as always! Now I just have to pin it and keep it handy for the next seven years until my little guy is nine (I can’t even imagine that yet)!

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