OSSS Top Posts of 2013 ~ Blog Hop & Giveaways!

Wow, another year over!  2013 was definitely one for the books.  So much going on in all areas of my life… and I must say, I’m a little tired.  But, bring on the new year!  It’s always fun to look at the blog stats from the year and see what the most popular posts were.  Sometimes it’s a post that happens to be my favorite too.  Other times I’m totally surprised by what becomes a big hit.  Want to know the big post winners??  The top posts of 2013?

To make things a little more fun I’ve got a $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway for you at the end of today’s post.  AND… get this… I rounded up a bunch of my blog buds to feature THEIR top 10 posts of the year and host their own $50 gift card giveaway!  So, kick up your feet and have fun checking out the top posts on OSSS, entering my giveaway, then hopping over to the other blogs to see their top 10 posts and giveaway.  That’s a LOT of great content (hello, Pinterest.) and a lot of chances to win.  Whoo-hoo!!

OSSS Top Posts 2013 www.oneshetwoshe.com

And, the number one most popular post on the blog for 2013 IS…

1.  Advice and Products I Wish I Knew About with Baby #1

2.  Freezer Meals ~ Tips for Dummies

3.  Gift Idea Central ~ Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

4.  Loving Your Husband His Way

5.  100 Clean Family Movies

6.  Handmade Peppermint Lemon Foot Soak

7.  IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs ~ Knock-Off

8.  Why Are Your Favorite Bloggers Mormon?

9.  Easiest Chicken and Dumplings

10.  Top 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

Alright, who wants $50 bucks to blow on Amazon??  Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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11. What’s Cooking with Ruthie
12. Babes in Hairland
13. Simple As That
14. The Crafting Chicks
15. It’s Overflowing
16. Lemon Tree Dwelling

Have fun!!



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  1. Donna Sasser says:

    I love reading your blog daily, so many inspirational and motivational post!

  2. A bit of this, a bit of that- crafts, everyday ideas, recipes… giveaways (have to be honest here.) As for next year, more of the same is great by me. Happy New Year!

  3. Terri Herman says:

    Just found you through the blog hop but so far, I like the lay out. Going to explore your content shortly but the freezer tips for meals caught my eye! Love short cuts in cooking so I can spend time doing things I love {not cooking}. Thanks for the giveaway too!

  4. I love all the recipes would love to see more holidays ones

  5. I love your blog; it’s so informational…and entertaining! Love your recipes!

  6. I like lots of things about your site – recipes, ideas. I’ve been seriously considering homeschooling my ADHD 14 year old son and have been searching for right tools I need to make that decision. I’ve been reading your posts and will discuss this with his doctor on our next visit.

  7. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    I personally love recipe post and finding new ways to reinvent dinner .

  8. I read your blog for inspiration and I’d love to see more of the same in 2014. I was wondering if you’re still sending out the “Mormon bloggers” package?

  9. Loving blog tips and you have a wonderful blog. Love reading your posts.

  10. Love everything about your blog!

  11. I love your blog!! Especially the recipes.

  12. I read because of the fun gift ideas and all the down to earth information. I would love some easy recipes in the future.

  13. Nichole Spencer says:

    I love recipe and tips posts. Would like to see more recipes.

  14. Excited to check out the 100 family movies! Pinning!!

  15. I read for the tips, tricks, and everyday insight. I also read for recipes, reviews, and because of all the awesome ideas.

  16. I found your blog looking for ideas for my husband’s 50th birthday but found so much more with your many gift ideas for practically everyone.

  17. This is what I love about you…you can cook, woo your hubby, be a powerful blogger and great example of a member all in one! What a successful 2013, Mar! XO

  18. Jessica Matthes says:

    I love to get new recipe ideas all the time!!

  19. I love the variety of your posts!

  20. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    I love reading the blog, bc it’s very real and down to Earth. It’s things I look for. Inspiration, recipes, giveaways, a good laugh. Thank you so much!

  21. I loved all the gift ideas. It really helped me out this year.

  22. I’m relatively new to your blog, so I haven’t read much. I was intrigued by the post about Mormon bloggers. I think I’d like household tips.

  23. I love reading your blog! I LOVE your gift ideas, I use that the most. I also love reading about your homeschooling, your fun trips and tips, and the yummy recipes!

  24. I am just subscribing to this blog today. I really like what I see. I’m always looking for new recipes, ideas, and someone else who is a magnet to weird things.

  25. Love your blog!

  26. Thanks for the list of family movies!

  27. Your blog is brand new to me – I came here via Simply Kierste, so I’m happy just to read your posts! Thank you for the movies link for families – a must for my six-year-old twins. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. christina p says:

    I love looking through your blog reading about your recipes and home tips. Keep this up for 2014!

  29. I read it for the recipe ideas.I would like to see more of your recipes.

  30. Gourmet homemade easy meals ;)

  31. I just found your blog via Simple As That and I can’t wait to explore it more and see what 2014 will bring

  32. Reading other people’s ideas always gives me confidence to try new things!

  33. Auntiepatch says:


  34. I love reading your blog with so many great tips and recipes. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2014. Thanks! :)

  35. Green cleaning ideas are always great !

  36. I would like more freezer cooking ideas.

  37. I like the recipes, crafts and the general layout of your blog. I would love to see more craft ideas.

  38. I like the recipes and and the crafts!

  39. I love all of the DIY posts!

  40. love the recipes!

  41. diy posts…. i normally follow you via facebook and pinterest. so many great ideas

  42. Connie Russell says:

    Very family oriented, love the craft ideas and recipes.

  43. I love the recipes :)

  44. C R Williams says:

    More vegetarian recipes

  45. Love the recipes you post and fun family activities.

  46. Beth Gallagher says:

    Thanks for such a great blog!!! Can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading it and have gotten so many wonderful ideas. :) I just love the freezer meals tips! Thanks again, and here’s to a happy & healthy new year for you and all your readers!

  47. Your blog is one of my top ten favorites. Please don’t change what you do too much. I think you have a practically perfect balance of everything.

  48. Jana Weaver says:

    I read because you always have fabulous ideas that most of the time interest me. I enjoy many of the things you read. I love the Favorite things weeks around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but I’ve also used recipes and enjoy seeing how you do things with your family on certain holidays. I love hearing about traditions that work.

  49. I love the wholesomeness of your blog

  50. Lisa Brown says:

    i always take a look at recipe posts, they are my favorite, and if they are gluten free recipes, even better :)

  51. I love the recipes. And I always appreciate vegetarian ones.

  52. I love your ideas and the variety. I especially love the recipes.

  53. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    I just found your blog through this blog hop, but I look forward to reading all your posts and the recipes look awesome!! :)

  54. I read it for the helpful hints and to look at the yummy recipes (I am a terrible cook so I just look).

  55. Love looking over all of your recipes!

  56. I love freezer cooking information!

  57. Kelli Baker says:

    I love freezer meal ideas…….anything to save more time!!

  58. Kim Henrichs says:

    Love your recipes! Look forward to more!

  59. I just found your site today. I can’t wait to poke around. Hopefully I’ll find some great tips on diy projects and quick meals.

  60. I love reading your blog and all the recipes! I would love to see more!

  61. I read your blog because it is something different every day and it is fun to read. Keep up the great work!

  62. Adriana A. says:

    I love your recipes and your informative posts (i.e. household tips, parenting tips, etc.)

  63. Love all the recipes! Keep em coming!

  64. Great blog! Love the recipes! I haven’t tried the Chicken & Dumplings recipe yet, but I intend to. I always make mine from scratch and it is very time consuming. Yours looks wonderful!

  65. Paula Gardner says:

    I just found you tonight because of the contests. But I love what I see and will be back often

  66. I love all your DIY posts! I do read every recipe and while I would love to try them all, I have a little one with severe food allergies so we have a limited diet. UGH!!!

  67. I am actually new to your blog via the blog hop giveaway but the things that caught my eye so far were the freezer meals and the BOM post. Excited to read more!

  68. I just now found your blog through this hop, but I have been checking it out and plan to keep following. My main reason for following blogs is recipes, but you have lots of other things that look interesting too!

  69. Andrea Smith says:

    I love the humorous blogs!

  70. I love the recipes!

  71. More recipes and DIY handmade goodies!! =)

  72. What a variety! Even though my own children are grown, grandkids visit all the time

  73. Anything diy !

  74. I just found your site, but I really like the freezer meals, and other easy meal recipes. I also love DIY projects!

  75. Laura Vance T says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. I, too, like the variety of tips, recipes, how-tos and the like. I think I’d like to see a little bit more on the inspirational front. I always enjoy reading your (Mariel’s) thoughts.

  77. john hutchens says:

    I would like to see some more easy recipes

  78. Love the parenting and family oriented posts!

  79. Katie Alesso says:

    I like the home/life tips–keep them coming in 2014! :)

  80. What a nice giveaway! Thank you and enjoy your posts!

  81. Organizing or decorating DIY projects

  82. I’d like to see more recipe posts.

  83. Janet Cobb says:

    I love reading everything but would really like more gift ideas!

  84. I love the variety!!! Keep it coming. :)

  85. I read because you write in a way that resonates with me. Would love to see more crafts!

  86. I love recipes and craft ideas and of course the giveaways !!! More of the same would be muy bueno!

  87. I’d love to see more DIY posts.

  88. I love all the posts, really love the freezer cooking ones. :)

  89. I like the recipes..really just enjoy it all. Thanks.

  90. I like everything, especially recipes.

  91. I love seeing new recipe ideas. I would love to see even more fruit and veggie-based recipes. Thanks so much for the great content and the giveaway!

  92. Just found your site thru Thirty Handmade Days – really nice.

  93. I am new to your blog – but I am a book addict and a JT fan who enjoys DIYs when my teenagers aren’t driving me crazy- so I know I am going to enjoy this. Happy New Year! :)

  94. I love all your recipe posts, FHE posts, and gift idea posts. Love this blog!

  95. I’m new to your blog. Your 2013 Best Of looks interesting.

  96. I love all the ideas and giveaways!

  97. I love the gift ideas and recipes. More of those, please!

  98. I love all the little tips!

  99. Marianne B. in AZ says:

    Glad to find your blog through this hop! The hop is taking me quite awhile, because I am taking the time to look at the top 10, so I can see what each blog really has to offer. I like what I see on yours! Thank you for being part of the hop and for hosting such a generous giveaway!

  100. Rebecca D says:

    I love the recipes the most.

  101. Nicole Simon says:

    Love the creative ideas, would like to see more hubby date ideas :)

  102. Love your posts about everyday living. Things we deal with everyday – food, home, relationships- and trying to do it all well.

  103. I have so many recipes from your website that are now a staple in my home! So, I love the recipes, but I also love your gift ideas, especially since your kids are so close in age to mine! I always love seeing fun activities to do with my kids as well.

  104. Monica Kertz says:

    …because it’s the Mother Lode of ideas! Seriously, I like all the variety. I look forward to it all again in 2014.

  105. Lisa johnson says:

    Everything is wonderful!!

  106. I love all your ideas and recipes!! You do a fantastic job of giving variety on subjects!!

  107. Barbara Mc / Whenihave Time says:

    New to your blog, but I love the wholesome recipes and the freezer meals!

  108. I wandered in here one day from a giveaway hop – and I’ve never left. I like the recipes, tips, creativity, and the giveaways.
    I’m not a mom, and never will be – so some of the things may not be in my wheelhouse, but I love reading your posts nonetheless.

  109. I read OSSS for your posts, Mariel! Love to see more product reviews!

  110. I love the recipes and blogging tips

  111. steve weber says:

    I like all the recipes.. keep em coming!

  112. I found you from the giveaway links from another blog, but from what I see, I love this blog! It looks like it could give me so many ideas for daily activities and meals.

  113. Heather S says:

    Gift ideas!

  114. I liked the recipes and the gift ideas, so I guess keep it the same!

  115. I love easy meal ideas and money saving tips would be be good too

  116. the recipes

  117. Debbie Wall says:

    Mostly I love the recipes, but really almost everything is interesting for me.

  118. Susan Smith says:

    I liked the recipes and the gift ideas and of course giveaways!

  119. always like the giveaways!

  120. Wow, what do I NOT read … I love the gift ideas, the recipes, the kid activities, the homeschooling, the traditions… I love it all. Thanks!

  121. I like the recipes and would like to see more.

  122. More ideas on traveling, gift ideas, and activities!

  123. I love your down-to-earth style, and your yummy recipes.

  124. Great collection of posts, Mariel! Thanks for sharing all your tips with us! :) So happy to be part of this great hop with you!! Thanks!

  125. I’d like to see more like Handmade Peppermint Lemon Foot Soak
    Thanks for the contest.

  126. Jennifer B. says:

    Loved all the gift ideas at Christmas!

  127. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I read it for the recipes and id love to see great dessert recipes for 2014

  128. love easy recipe posts! i can always use more of those. :]

  129. Love new recipes!

  130. I love the recipes and gift ideas.

  131. Love your recipes!

  132. Meg Merkley says:

    I love your blog! Family oriented! Love the food. Thanks for all you do!♡♡

  133. Stephanie says:

    I love the recipes and organizing ideas, more please!

  134. Calien Laure says:

    Most of the blogs I follow are for recipes, craft ideas, giveaways and helpful tips. You’ve got a great selection of them all :)

  135. Kristin PEARSON says:

    I love your honest and down to earth family oriented blog! The recipies are great! I can’t think of anything I would like to see more of in 2014. Happy New Year!

  136. Nothing like playing along at the last minute, huh!? I’d love to see anything girl or daughter related!

  137. The tips as well as some of the giveaways!

  138. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like your recipe posts and would like to see more of them.

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