January 2014 Visiting Teaching Message Printable

In my church, all the women and men are assigned specific people in the church to visit monthly.  For women, it’s called Visiting Teaching.  We usually have a partner and are assigned maybe 2 to 4 women that we try to visit every month.  The point of the visit is to get to know each other, support each other, care for each other, and share a spiritual thought.  I did my Visiting Teaching pretty regularly last year, until it got towards the end of the year, and I was slacking.  Eeeek.  So, one of my resolutions this year is to meet with my ‘sisters’ every month, like I’m supposed to, and really be a better Visiting Teacher.

Each month, the church has an assigned message that you share with the sisters you visit.  This month the message is on following Christ’s example.  I usually give them a treat, like cookies or whatever, and a little handout with the message I share.  So, since I was making a printable to use, I figured I might as well share it with others who might want to use it for their Visiting Teaching.  OR, maybe you just want it for yourself, since the messages apply to everyone.  So, here you go!

I thought it would be fun to give with any Valentine’s Day treat or maybe (if I have time) these delicious Raspberry Jam Rounds with Lemon Icing… one of my favorite cookies! Plus, they’re pretty for V-Day.

January 2014 Visiting Teaching Message Printable www.oneshetwoshe.com

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  1. Yeah – thanks! I’ve been slacking too, so this is good motivation to get out and visit my ladies this month!

  2. Great printable!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

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