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My little Isabelle cracks me up!  She’s such a joy to have around.  People love to be around her and just silently wait, because they know she will say something so nuts, it will make them laugh/cry.  She’s fiesty, clever, hilarious, original, and sooooo awesome.  Oh, and she’s four years old now!  She could stay little forever, as far as I’m concerned.  :)  But, alas…she won’t, and she has to have these stinkin’ birthdays that mean she’s growing up.  Although, I won’t miss her messes or her defiant attitude when it’s time to clean up.   But, she’s fun and today I’ll share with you the things she was hoping to get for her 4th birthday (and just some things I knew she would like)…

Gift ideas: 4 year old girl

Her big sister has cuddled with her Pillow Pet for a couple years now, so Belles really wanted one of her own.  I think these things are great…there’s lots of animals to choose from, and I find them really easy to wash and dry.  Isabelle is into unicorns right now, so although not the cutest Pillow Pet, I knew she would love this one.  If it wasn’t for her unicorn-love, I would probably pick out the Butterfly, or the Bunny.

Isabelle loves all things art…coloring, painting, play-doh, anything.  So, when I saw how highly reviewed this Crayola Glitter Glue was, I knew I had to try it. I mean, she had to try it.  Okay, we love this stuff!  So, it’s not really glue-glue.  It’s more like puff paint stuff.  She loves to color in her coloring books then add some glitter glue to the picture to sparkle things up and add a little dimension.

To go with her glitter glue, I picked her up one of those fantastic Melissa & Doug Jumbo Coloring Pads.  They’re big, cheap, and have lots of great pictures.  Of course the Princess and Fairy Pad gives lots of opportunity for Glitter Glue sparkles…but, she would have also loved the Multi-Themed Pad for Girls.

Isabelle is just starting to get into music.  She loves to dress up with her sister and pretend to be professional dancers and singers.  They’re favorite song to sing in the whole world is Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me.’  It’s pretty dang cute.  I was meaning to get a video to show you, but I forgot!  Needless to say, I’m insanely sick of that song, so I figured she would love to have the Fearless CD so she could learn a few others.

When her big sister, Audrey, just had her 6th birthday, she received several Monster High dolls.  Isabelle loved them and wanted more for her own birthday.  BUT, I decided she was a little too young for them because they break pretty easily.  So, in my efforts to find something similar, I remembered the Bratzillas dolls….which are also really cool, but super pricey.  I think because they’re the ‘newer’ thing.  However, Bratz has another line, a little older, that is quite similar to the Bratzillas.  It’s called Masquerade.  Anyway, these dolls are much sturdier than Monster High, by a mile.  The whole included make-up and masquerade mask are pretty crappy, at best, but the dolls are worth it.

The girls love to play ‘store’ and ‘restaurant’ up in the playroom.  Obviously, you can’t run a successful brick and mortar shop without a cash register, right?  There are several available online, some cuter than others, BUT Isabelle loved this Barbie Cash Register because the speaker kinda actually works.  Now she can say things like, ‘Clean up on aisle 9, please.’ and ‘Number 37, your order is ready.’  And, it sounds legit.  Kind of.  Plus, it’s pink and Barbie.  Both a plus, in her eyes.

Lastly, these Pop-Arty Beads have been an Isabelle favorite, at our home.  No string needed, just pop the beads together to make bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, whateva.

And, there you have it!  Stay tuned, in October I have a son turning 2 and another turning 11.  And, if you’re in need of MORE gift ideas, you must visit/pin/bookmark my Gift Idea Central, where I have saved and organized all the gift ideas shared on ‘Or so she says…‘!  It will come in really handy for birthdays, Christmas, you name it.

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  1. Paula
    3 years ago

    I love Isabelle. Great ideas you have here!

  2. garrie knight
    3 years ago

    This was so helpful! thanks a mil!

    • Mariel
      3 years ago

      Oh, good! Glad it was helpful to you!

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