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Hello, my name is Melissa and I’ve been really looking forward to doing a guest blog post – thanks so much for having me Mariel!

I live in Tasmania, Australia with my husband and two children. I blog our day to day life and crafting fun over at One Crafty Mumma and like to knit, sew, crochet, scrapbook, bake and spend time doing crafts with my children.
Okay, now for some fun! Today I thought I’d share a little tutorial on how to make a sweet paper bag album for Valentine’s Day. It’s a fast, easy and cheap idea for sharing love notes with someone special or as you’ll see below, my daughter Bella is using the paper bag album to give her best friend as a thank you for being such a good friend.

After you gather your supplies (x4 paper bags, adhesive, red felt, 1 sheet of plain cardstock, stapler and paper trimmer), begin by placing the paper bags on your work surface.

Crease each paper bag in half lengthways and add a strip of adhesive along the outer edge (see step photo below for placement). Fold completely in half – the adhesive will hold both sides together permanently.
Now fold the paper bag over and in half (as shown in the step photograph below).
Complete the step above for the remaining paper bags and then stack them all on top of each other like a book. Staple everything together at the folded end.

Fashion a red heart out of felt and adhere onto the front of the paper bag album.
Measure the height of your album and roughly cut out a piece of red felt to bind the edge. My felt was approximately 5cm (2 inches) wide X the height of the album.
Adhere the felt strip onto the album, creating a binding around the raw edge of the paper bags.

Cut a series of cardstock into small pieces to pop inside the flaps of the album. Also cut a small tab of red felt and staple this onto one end of the card (refer to the step photographs below for placement).

Slide each cardstock tag into the album and stamp a title (or use stickers/rubon letters) onto the front. I stamped the words ‘i like you because’, but you could adapt this to suit.

Now your album is complete! All that’s left is to fill the tiny tags with special notes and you can also write/stamp messages directly onto the paper bag pages or adhere a photo here and there.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial and thanks for stopping by.



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Mariel (mahr-eeee-elle) is a mother to six, wife to one. Loves homeschooling, golfing, cupcakes, traveling, cuddling, non-fiction books, gardening, James Taylor, and family time. This is her blog. Enjoy!
17 Comments On This Topic
  1. Jessica
    6 years ago

    I LOVE this idea!! I think it’s great for kids to tell people why they love them and give them the opportunity to give someone else something, instead of them always getting something. Great Post!

  2. Jessica
    6 years ago

    That is so clever! I am always looking for low budget ideas for Activity Day (8-11)yr old girls. Thanks!

  3. Dee
    6 years ago

    wow! that is so cuute and so simple. I will definately note thiis one.
    It is sooooo great to see another Aussie here, thanks heaps.

  4. BrnEyedGal
    6 years ago

    WOW, this is the cutest idea EVER!!! I love it.
    I am going to have my son make it for his Nina…Thank YOU!!! :)

  5. Thoris Designs
    6 years ago

    This is just adorable. My daughter would love to make a special Valentine for her best friend and this would be just the thing.

    Thanks for sharing all the way from Tasmania! Happy Valentine’s Day 😉

  6. tickledred
    6 years ago

    This is a wonderful idea. I know what the monkeys will be doing this weekend for the grandparents :)

  7. Melissa Goodsell
    6 years ago

    Thankyou for all your lovely comments. I really enjoyed putting the tutorial together.

  8. Mariel
    6 years ago

    That would be cute for the hubby too!…even to put little “love coupons” in there.

    Thanks for the great tutorial!

  9. Megan and Matt
    6 years ago

    where do you get those paper bags?? i have been looking all over!!!

  10. Laura Baker
    6 years ago

    Thanks so much for the great idea! I just finished making this for my husband for Valentines Day, I’m sure he’ll love it!

  11. Lisanna
    6 years ago

    Hi fantastic and easy idea!!!
    I made this for my husband. I changed little things!!!
    If you want see it this is link
    thank you very much!!

  12. Realnetta
    6 years ago

    Oh, this is SO sweet!  I love idea… and it could be adapted for any holiday… or no holiday at all. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Elisa
    6 years ago

    wonderful idea!!

  14. Katie
    6 years ago

    Thanks for the great idea. I am going to make one as a Valentines advent finding 14 bible veres that talk about God’s love for us!

  15. Hershi
    6 years ago

    So cute and simple thanks for sharing!

  16. Inga
    6 years ago

    Wow! This is sooooooo fantastic idea! Thank you!

  17. Kara
    6 years ago

    These are just darling! I’ve made one before- years ago- but never thought of making them for Valentine’s Day. Such a great idea!!

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