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It’s that time of year again where birthday’s come in abundance!  Last week it was Shane’s birthday and I gave y’all some ideas for 6 year old boys.  Now, I’m gearing up for Audrey’s 4th birthday which will soon be followed by Isabelle’s 2nd birthday…ugh…and yay!

So, based off of Audrey’s suggestions and some internet research…here are the ideas floating around in my head…(for any other ages you need gift ideas for, check the labels “Girls 0-5, Girls 6-10, Boys 0-5, Boys 6-10″, etc.  We don’t have every age covered yet, mostly just the younger ones)

Gift Ideas 4 Year Old Girl:

Most little girls LOVE jewelry, I know Audrey does!  I was really surprised to stumble across this game, Pretty Pretty Princess and see that it had lots of great reviews.  I think if I saw it in the store I would have just dismissed it as “crap”, but after reading the reviews, its now in my “shopping cart”.  Reviewers say it’s perfect for ages 4 to 6, easy to play, and a huge hit with their little girls.  There’s also a Sleeping Beauty version that I think Audrey would like even more!

Speaking of jewelry, Audrey really wants “a box that opens, that plays music, with necklaces and earrings in it”…or in other words, a jewelry box.  I looked far and wide and wasn’t too impressed with anything I saw for little girls, but this was by far my favorite, the Mele & Co. Cristiana Musical Jewlery Box.  It was really the only one I liked that had the spinning ballerina, wasn’t too corny looking, wasn’t super expensive, and could hold more than 5 pieces of jewelry!
Of course, you can’t have a music box without some jewelry to fill it up.  Here are some cuties that I found online…
The cutest stuff is usually found on Etsy!  Have you ever seen bottle cap necklaces cuter than these?!?
I’m also loving these charm necklaces
Have her make some jewelry of her own!  Reviewers LOVE these Melissa & Doug wooden bead sets!  They have several different sets to choose from:  flowers, hearts, garden, butterflies, letters, etc.  It’s also a great way to work on pattern making and fine motor skills!
Like her brother, she’s wanting a bike of her own.  So far, she has been riding hand-me-down boy bikes…she’s not digging the Spiderman ride.  It has to be princess…but, I would get a bike at Wal-Mart…they’re already put together and cheaper.
Audrey loves creating, so I thought this magnetic mosaic kit would be perfect!  It’s easy for little ones, as long as they know their colors…so, it’s also educational, reinforcing colors and numbers.
Another fun arts & crafts idea is this one, Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box that comes with everything your little gal needs to make 16 different projects on their own.
If you have a tutu-wearing girl in your house, she will LOVE this video!  Audrey can’t wait to take dance classes, and because I’m having her wait another year…this video, Prima Princess is helping to gear her up.  Check out the amazing reviews it gets from mothers!
If you get the ballerina DVD, a tutu is a necessity!  Again, Etsy is the place to go…I’m loving this one by Simply Sweet!
The BEST tutu shirts are from Andee Lew Clothing, they’re fitted, cap sleeved, and super cute.  They’re also great for everyday wear, layering, I love them!

Audrey really loves Disney.  Because she cut her last Ariel doll’s hair and scribbled all over her face, she wants a new one.  I’m thinking I might step it up a notch and get her a “My Disney Girl Doll” from the Disney Store.  They are better quality dolls that have the CUTEST Disney outfits (and princess dresses) to buy separately.

Anyway, so now the tricky part is narrowing it down to just the right things and planning the par-TAY!  Hope it gives you some ideas too!

Need more gift ideas for a 4 year old girl??  Check out this past post: Gift Ideas: 4 Year Old Girl
You can also find several gift ideas for everyone on your list by visiting my Gift Idea Central!



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10 Comments On This Topic
  1. Nicole
    5 years ago

    Oh to have a girly girl! Brynne will be 5 in two weeks and she would throw up if I got her any of these things! :( She’d rather have a new pirate ship or her own case full of Hot Wheels. Have fun buying fun girl things for your sweetie! :) I’ll be in the boy aisle.

  2. Kendra
    5 years ago

    love these ideas, my daughter turns 7 next week and would love these things also!!

  3. T
    5 years ago

    oh phooo – you just had to go and show me those disney girl dolls… and here I thought I was “over” the whole doll thing… my youngest will be seven at her next birthday… but I think she’d love those!

  4. Kim
    5 years ago

    I always love these birthday idea posts, and I’ve got a 4-year-old girl birthday just weeks away! Thanks!

  5. Jessica
    5 years ago

    Oooh Halle would be in heaven!

  6. Becky
    5 years ago

    I so love the fact that your little girls have birthdays right before my girls. That way I know what to buy! Thanks for the research!

  7. Paige
    5 years ago

    The link to the charm necklace doesn’t work, it takes you to the image location. My daughter will be 6 on her next b-day and I think she would love that necklace!

  8. Mariel
    5 years ago

    Thanks for catching that, Paige. The link is fixed now. But, I’ll include it here too:


  9. Pat Torre
    5 years ago

    Let me know any other ideas. I have 2 Grandchildren ages 2 boy & 4 girl.

    • Mariel
      5 years ago

      Did you look at my Gift Idea Central? You can find links to it on the homepage of the blog, or type it in the search box. Lots of ideas in there. Good luck!

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