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Hi, my name is Jessica.  I’m so excited to be here as the newest craft contributor!  I blog over at Cutesy Crafts where I show off all of the fun things that I make for my kids and my home.

JessicaRecently, my son had his 6th birthday party.  I always like to make some sort of handmade party favor.  Last year, the theme was superheroes.  His theme of choice this year?  Legos!  Seriously, that boy would sit and build Legos all day if I let him!  I thought it would be fun for each of the boys at the party to draw a face on their own Lego party favor bag.  They turned out so cute!

Lego Party Favor Bags - Let the kids draw the faces!

Lego Party Favor Bags:

I bought some cute little 5 1/2 inch tote bags at the craft store and stenciled each bag with a Lego head.  I made these stencils using vinyl, but you can also use the freezer paper method.  Download the Lego head template here and just cut it out with scissors.  Center the stencils on the bags and paint with a matte fabric paint.  For the best results, start on the stencil and paint in toward the center.  This prevents paint from being pushed under the stencils.

lego stencils

Once the paint is dry, peel off your stencils, heat set the paint, and you’re ready for the party!

Lego Party Favor Bags - Let the kids draw the faces!

Each of the boys took a black Sharpie and drew a face however they wanted.  (We had a princess party going on at the same time, hence the pink tablecloth.)

Lego Party Favor Bags - Let the kids draw the faces!

There weren’t many boys coming to the party, so I splurged and bought them each the cheapest Lego set I could find.  We scattered the pieces across the center of the table and gave them their instruction booklets.

Lego Party Favor Bags - Let the kids draw the faces!

The boys picked through the pieces and each built their own set.  Evan’s vision of the party was everyone sitting around building Legos, so this was perfect!

Lego Bags

When they were done, the Lego sets went into their bags, and they got to take them home.  A much better party favor than candy!

Lego Party Favor Bags - Let the kids draw the faces!We also had Lego cake pops at the party… those didn’t turn out so great.  Come on over to my blog to see my awesome Lego Cake Pops Fail.  Won’t be making those again any time soon!

Jessica is a stay-at-home mom to three cute kids who loves to create! From crafts to home decor, she’s always working on something new. She created her blog, Cutesy Crafts, as a way to share her ideas with other people that share her crafty interests. She loves the creative process and finds joy in making things for her home and family.
2 Comments On This Topic
  1. Mariel
    2 years ago

    These are adorable, Jessica! My boys love LEGOS. I love the idea of a party completely centered around that. Great post!

  2. Heather – Chickabug
    2 years ago

    Talk about a “must-have” for every parent! These are so great! Thank you for the tutorial! : )

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