Pottery Barn Knock-Off: Spooky Halloween Branches (she: Trish)

Hello everyone, I wanted to share my weekend project with you. I fell in LOVE with these Pottery Barn aspen branches! They are so SPOOKY!! As you can see they are no longer available online but no worries…you can make them yourself! All you need is a branch from your backyard, white spray paint and a black garbage bag. Yes, here’s how…
Grab a store bought branch or one from the yard and spray paint it white.

Cut up a large, black garbage bag as shown below. This bag was folded in 4 and cut into 3 inch strips…

Fold over the 3 inch strips to create more layers as shown.

Cut a leaf pattern out with the base of the leaf on the folds

Cut out more leaves if you have space on top also…

They should look like this – if it’s not perfect thats OK!

Don’t they look like mustaches?

I ended up using the smaller leaves more (left) They hung better on the branches…Use the smaller ones on the top/tip of branches and larger ones towards the bottom.
Tie the leaves around the branch and pull into a TIGHT knot. Then squeeze to fold over as shown…

Looks like spooky leaves to me!

You can tie the leaves unevenly around the stems. This way it creates two different size leaves. It’s more realistic…

You can also spray paint real or artificial leaves black and hot glue them onto your branches. Use thin galvanized wires to tie them on if you do not want to use hot glue. Either way i’m sure it will look just as fabulous!

And there you go…your very own EASY to make, spooky branches. Just in time for those halloween parties and entry way decor.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween everyone! 
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  1. I love this idea…so easy & so cute! I think I’ll enlist my daughter to do it!:)

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