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This particular topic, gift ideas for teens, always scares me.  I feel so out of touch with the teenage world right now!  Thankfully, I have a sister that is both a teenager and a college student, that made this post possible.  Thank you, Madi!  She interviewed her roommates and guy friends and came up with some fun ideas for me to share with you.  I also hit up the ladies on Facebook, and my good friend, with a house full of teens.

Let’s get started… Gifts for Teenagers (obviously, some of these ideas are for girls, some for boys, and some both.)

Do you have a teen that loves outdoor sports??  Boys go nuts for the GoPro Camera.  It’s a video camera that can mount to their helmet, body, car, motorcycle, surfboard, etc.   Now their awesome tricks and bloopers can always be caught on film.  I actually think my husband would like this!  He and his brothers are always trying to out-do each other on their dirt bikes, wake boarding, and so on.  I’m usually the one who has to stand there to catch it all on video.  Hmmmm….  Oh, and it’s waterproof too.  There are several models available of the GoPro Camera, so just find the one that suits your teens situation best.

Hair Chalking??  After talking to the sis, it became clear to me how teen-clueless I really am.  I hadn’t heard of half of this stuff!  For example, I guess hair chalking is the cool thing right now.  Using ‘soft chalk pastels’ you color strands of your hair or just the ends.  I’ll admit, looks pretty fun!  You can read the a great how-to article on the site, The Beauty Department, it has lots of great tips.  They recommend one particular brand of chalk because of the overall outcome, it’s called Sennelier, and they claim to have tried many, many different kinds!

Madi’s college boyfriends suggested their favorite headphones, Dr. Dre Beats, and she agrees.  She sees them everywhere.  They’re a pretty pricey $200 bucks, but here’s the scoop: they are supposed to sound awesome (sweet bass sounds) and look cool.  Apparently, they have a built in mic too, so if you get a phone call, you don’t have to unplug and take the headphones off to answer.  Teens want them, that’s all I know.

Teens love to collect their favorite movies and tv shows…here are some they suggested:

Once Upon a Time (Season 1)
The Gilmore Girls (Seasons One through Seven available)
An iPhone case with a sleeve for money and cards??  So practical, I love it. Q Card Case
Madi and her friends love pampering!  Manicures, pedicures, and some fun pampering products.  Check out these shea butter infused slipper socks!  They have a non-skid bottom and an inner liner infused with shea butter, that lasts for up to 25 washes.  It’s a great way to prevent those yucky cracked winter feet.  I think I need these.  I found them at Bath & Body Works, but I actually think these ones from Bed, Bath, and Beyond are cuter.
To make a great combo gift, pair the Shea Butter infused socks with some Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, and a professional foot file.
For guys, my husband and all his brothers (still teenagers at heart), love the site Whiskey Militia.  It’s one of those daily deal sites, but they have the “coolest” tshirts, hoodies, shorts, accessories, etc. for really cheap, all name brand.  And, the shipping is super fast.  I swear, ever since he discovered that site, we are getting a package from them at least once a week.  Which gives me all the excuse I need to shop Zulily…my favorite daily deal site.
Alrighty.  Hope that helps you out with gift ideas for teenagers!

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  1. Jana Wilson Miramontes
    3 years ago

    I love all these Mariel…I always have the hardest time with what to get my 13 year old! Thanks for the great ideas!

    • orsoshesays
      3 years ago

      Oh, good! Glad I could help!

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