Disneyland Vacation Countdown Chain (she: Adelle)

One thing that I love almost as much as a Disneyland vacation, is the anticipation of a Disneyland vacation! As a regular blog contributor for GetAwayToday.com, I created a Disneyland Vacation Countdown Chain tutorial and free download to make the time counting down to your vacation full of magic at home! These magical countdown chains include special activities that you can do before your vacation to help the time fly by. You can make one for your whole family, or one for each child – there’s a Mickey version and a Minnie version, just for fun.

disneyland vacation countdown chain

To Make Four “Mouse Bodies” You Will Need:
1 Colored Sheet of Paper for each Segment of the Chain
20 Inches of Thin Ribbon
Tape, Scissors, Glue Stick
Pattern (download)
Circle Header (download)
Daily Activities (download)

First, you’ll download your pattern for the strips of paper. Cut four strips of each segment for your mouse. The feet and body are each 1.5″ wide and 8″ long. The arms are 1″ wide x 8 ” long.


Next, trace the mouse ears pattern onto your black paper. You can use a pencil or a white crayon. Fold the ears upwards after you’ve cut them out.


Next, you’ll print and cut the daily activities. You can use as many or as few of these as you wish. If you have any fun traditions, feel free to add your own into the mix! Use your glue stick to attach the activity to your link.


Now you’ll start building your chain by stapling each strip of paper to make a link.  For Mickey, you’ll staple a white link for the arms, black for the face and ears, red for the body and yellow for his shoes. Minnie is the same, but turquoise for her dress, and pink for her shoes.  Keep linking until you have enough links for your “countdown.” If you have planned your Disneyland vacation months in advance, you don’t have to use a link for each day, you could do one link each week until your departure. It’s completely up to you! Add white hole punches for buttons to the red links and a pink bow to Minnie’s ear, depending on the version you choose.


When your chain is complete, print the header, cut it out and tape a ribbon to the back. This way you can easily hang your Disneyland Vacation Countdown Chain wherever you’ll use it most.


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Adelle Belnap
If Adelle had to describe herself with just one word it would be "happy." Since Disneyland is considered the "Happiest Place on Earth," it makes perfect sense that it inspires the crafts and activities Adelle contributes to this blog. Adelle has four children who love to participate in her blogging. They inspire many of her ideas and are her toughest critics. She loves to travel - in real life and through the stories in her favorite novels. Her favorite place to visit is any coast, as long as the sun and sand are involved.
Adelle Belnap

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