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This past Saturday was Audrey’s big day…6 years old!  So, to help you out with gift ideas, I’m going to share with you some of her favorite things…

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Gift Ideas: 6 Year Old Girl

Audrey is all over Monster High Dolls.  I must not get out much because apparently these are all the rage.  Where have I been??  People are collecting them, obsessing about their details, other brands are copying them, girls want them…yep.  In fact, these are ALL Audrey wanted for her birthday.  I was hesitant because after reading about them, I noticed many reviewers saying they break easily.  And, holy cow…I can see why.  Their arms are like toothpicks and they don’t bend easily…which makes it incredibly risky to change their clothes, something that might not matter to a collector, but to a 6 year old girl??  Nevertheless, a girl wants what a girl wants and Audrey got her dolls, with a big fat warning to be gentle with them.  And, it’s been a whole 2 days, and they’re still going strong. :) Knock on wood.

One of Audrey’s most favorite things to do is have sleepovers at either of her grandparent’s homes.  So, I was thinking she would LOVE her own designated sleepover kit…complete with a good quality sleeping bag, a pink mini LED flashlight to attach to the sleeping bag zipper, a diary with a lock, and a toiletry kit (Spinbrush, toothpaste, lotion, hair brush, hair elastics.)

Audrey is at the age where she is so proud of her new writing skills and likes to show them off by writing anyone and everyone love letters.  It’s awesome.  I’m the honorary postal worker, delivering all of her cards and letters to friends/family, and it always brings smiles.  So, I know that they sell fun Make Your Own Card craft kits, but I almost think I could put together something cuter by just visiting the craft store.  It would be fun to get her a packet of cards, a couple stamps, sticker sheets, scrapbook papers,  cute pens, and maybe a shaped hole punch.  I’m kinda checked-out of the scrapbooking world, but I think some of the basics would be a real hit with her.  She would have a hay-day designing cards for everyone.

My little girl paints her nails literally every few days.  And, when she’s not painting her nails, chances are she is usually coloring.  So, when my good buddy told me about this Migi Nail Art kit, I knew it would be exactly something Audrey would love.  The set comes with 8 polish colors that are brushed on, and there is also a pen tip to make designs with, after the base dries.  Audrey would love to color flowers on her sister’s toes!  Of course, with me barking, “paper towel under those nails, paper towels!!”

Audrey’s favorite cousin just turned 6, too.  So, we were out shopping a couple weeks ago and Audrey loved the idea of getting cousin Madi a bead kit.  Oh, but not the kiddie bead-kits-in-a-box.  No, she wanted to go to the bead section and pick out different strands of beads and a couple pendants.  We found some really cute ones just at Wal-Mart!  And, for like three bucks (at Wal-Mart) we found a plastic organizing box for beads and some Stretch Magic String (the stretch clear string for beading…so great.)  All in all, we thought it was a pretty cool present for a 6 year old girl.  :)

Both of my girls look forward to their ‘Birthday Dress Shopping’ every year.  I take them to the mall and let them pick out a new dress, shoes, and accessories for church.  It’s funny because shopping for clothes isn’t quite their thing, yet.  But, no matter how young, my girls love a new dress.  There’s something sorta ‘princess-y’ about it.  Sometimes they even get lucky and Grandma takes them to pick a new dress too!  It’s a fun outing and we always do lunch afterwards.  Usually the easiest places to find dresses are at large department stores, like Dillard’s, Macy’s, JCPenney’s, Nordstroms, and so on.

Oh, and can I just say that we found the cutest metal headbands at Payless Shoes?? I know, unlikely place.  But, we stopped in there to see if they had any cute shoes to match her new dress…lo and behold, we found cute hair stuff too!  All the hair things were buy one get one half off, so we left with a couple metal headbands that she loves.

Being a Kindergarten graduate, Audrey is so proud that she can finally read.  I love finding books for her that she can read completely on her own (after a little practice.)  It makes her feel accomplished and capable, and excites her to read even more.  I really love the I Can Read books, because the books are sorted by reading level.  If I grab a level 1, I know it will be perfect for Audrey.  And, the stories are the same kinds of trendy books that the older kids are reading, which makes it more fun for the young kids.  For example, there are Spongebob stories, Fancy Nancy, Star Wars, etc.  She would love a stack of books as a gift…as long as she got a doll and lipgloss too. :)

For gift ideas for everyone on your list, check out the Gift Ideas tab and be sure to pin Gift Idea Central, to keep the whole collection in one place.

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8 Comments On This Topic
  1. Jamie
    3 years ago

    Here is a winner.. Search pet TickleMe Plant to grow a real house plant that moves and closes its leaves when you Tickle It!

    • orsoshesays
      3 years ago

      I love it, great idea!!

  2. Dinee
    3 years ago

    thanks for this blog post. I googled for gift ideas for 6year old girls – and found your post. Just purchased my niece her gift – jewelry making beads and string!

    • orsoshesays
      3 years ago

      Oh, good! I’m glad it was helpful! Thanks for stopping by and I hope your niece loves it. Have a wonderful Christmas, Dinee!

  3. Gemma
    3 years ago

    Where can you buy the migi nail art?

    • orsoshesays
      3 years ago

      There’s a link to it in the post. Thanks.

  4. Bobbie
    3 years ago

    What about American Girl Doll……is that good for 6 year olds girls ??

    • Mariel
      3 years ago

      Yep, for sure! Both of my little girls, ages 5 and just barely 7, love their dolls. I actually did a post all about American Girl Dolls, you can find it by doing a search on the blog, or going to the gift idea page and looking at Gifts for Girls.

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