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Alright, so I recently shared with you how to make marshmallow guns.  The kids and I made them for their 4th of July booth.  But, we also made foam swords (out of those swimming noodles).  They were a big hit!  From the little kids to the grown men, their were battles raging everywhere!
Here’s how to make a foam sword:  Buy a swimming noodle and cut it in half.  I bought our noodles at Target.  They had two options, the normal sized one for two dollars or an extra fat one for double the price.  I just used the skinnier ones.  I don’t recommend buying the ones at dollar stores.  They are usually super thin and the hole in the middle is too skinny to fit the PVC pipe into.  Each foam noodle will make two swords.
You may have to take a noodle with you to the hardware store to fit the pipe exactly.  Just because you have an inch wide hole, doesn’t mean you buy an inch sized PVC pipe.  PVC pipe is measured by the size of the hole, not from the outside.  So, with that said…if your swimming noodle hole is an inch wide, you will likely need a 3/4″ PVC pipe.  But, to be sure…take a noodle with you.  I could make about 3 swords with one 10 foot stick of PVC.  Make sure you get a good, tight fit into your noodle.  You want to groan to get it all the way on. :)
You will also need to buy one cap per sword.  Be sure to get the same size as the pipe you got.
After you cut your noodle in half, measure the pipe to be about 6 inches longer and cut it.  Wedge it all the way to the tip of the noodle..or slightly under the tip so it doesn’t poke out.  It should be a tight enough fit that swinging and hitting it won’t shift the noodle.  The leftover 6″ should be poking out the other end…for the handle.

To make the handle thing (not sure of the word)…I bought a whole packet of foam sheets at the craft store.  You will want to cut them down to about 3.5″ by 11″.

Take the pipe, and press it about 1 inch away from both sides of the cut foam.  You just want the indentation as a guide.

Using an exacto knife, cut out the inner circle of the indentation.  If it looks like poo, no worries…nobody will know.

Ever so carefully, slide the foam circles over the PVC pipe that is sticking out of the foam.  It should be a tight fit.  Pop the cap on and put the smack-down on the kids.  “Clean your room!!”  (Whack!)  “Fold the clothes!!” (Whack!!)  “Scrub the floors!!” (Whack!!)  It works wonders.  Okay, teasing.  Really.

I think we made 55 of these puppies and they sold just as well as the marshmallow guns.

foam swords

I will say, these things can still hurt…which may be bad.  But, for my boys…that’s how they like it.

I’m in the background, “Go easy on your sister, she’s only four!”  She was all about the pink sword and not about any mercy.

Anyway, so there you have it.  Our booth, super fun.  It always starts out slow, but as more and more kids are seen shooting marshmallows and battling with swords, the more the sales picked up.  The kids actually made the same amount of money as they did last year, to the dollar…it was weird.  But, the kids loved it, again.  Oooh, we had a sign made up this year too…much better than what we had last year. ( Thanks, Sunshine Decals!)

I think there was just as much going on INSIDE our booth, as there was outside.  It was the local hang-out, for sure.

Do you like my Abe Lincoln tee?  I love it!

I hope y’all enjoyed your Fourth of July!


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6 Comments On This Topic
  1. Krista Low
    4 years ago

    My kids would love me forever if I made these with them. I just pinned them and look forward to many afternoons of fun with these :) Krista @ A Handful of Everything

    • Mariel
      4 years ago

      Thanks, Krista!

  2. Dawn
    4 years ago

    Thank you! My son wants a knight birthday party and these will be the party favor.

    • Mariel
      4 years ago

      How fun! Glad you found this helpful!

  3. Anne Whistler
    4 years ago

    Hi Mariel! I am a new crafter form Freeport, Tex. I make bracelets, chokers and hat bands from coke tabs along with beach crafts of all kinds. Several times while sisters are looking at the jewelry their brothers ask for something for boys. I thought of marshmallow guns and found your post. They are wonderful! I want to try them and the swords in my booth. My problem is I don’t know what to price them at. May I ask what price you recommend selling them for? I am really looking forward to this! Thank you so much for the ideas! Have a blessed day! Anne

    • Mariel
      4 years ago

      I believe we sold them for $5 bucks each, and they maybe cost $2 to make. We may have started them at $6, but as the day wrapped up as sales slowed, dropped them a dollar. Hope that helps! I would love to see a picture of the things you make, it sounds super interesting!

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